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DKV Euro Service is the market leader providing cash-free services en route for the coach industry on European roads. With the DKV CARD, our solution for fuel and many supplementary services, we offer you a wide spectrum of products for your daily business and optimisation and control of your coach fleet.

We provide cost-effective fuelling, and help you in maintaining mobility and to work more efficiently, using the DKV fuel card.  With more than 65,000 acceptance points in 42 European countries, DKV Euro Service offers you the largest supply network in the industry. DKV Euro Service is part of DKV MOBILITY SERVICES Group. With almost 900 employees throughout Europe, the group achieved 6.3.-bn-Euro revenues in 2016.

DKV Euro Service has proudly worked in partnership with the CPT for over 4 years, offering members the opportunity to take advantage of exclusive discounts on fuel, road tolls, and even refund services such as foreign VAT and Excise Duty.

“Through CPT we came in contact with DKV Euro Service and for us, it all came together. They were very quick at setting everything up and they provide fuel card services throughout Europe at a competitive price, partially due to the fact DKV offers CPT members discounts on fuel and lower fees for the Net Invoicing Services.”
Andy Sinclair, Tynedale Group Travel

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Case study: Smooth operations for Tynedale Group Travel thanks to DKV Euro Service and CPT (click)

Meet the team

DKV UK Sales

Neil White

Area Sales Manager
07920 257460

Jessica Hill

UK Account Manager
07557 959143

Nick Holt

UK Account Manager
07748 596339

Valerie Bamping

Area Sales Manager
07739 774111

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