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LanguageLine Solutions

Language Barrier? Available 24/7, 365 days a year, supporting over 200 languages with a quick, easy and professional service... LanguageLine Solutions Can Help!

LanguageLine Solution is a language service provider, specialising in Face to face, over the phone and document translations. A quality vetted partnership established in 2014, LanguageLine Solutions and CPT have worked together to aid and support all members with their translation and interpreting needs.

  • LanguageLine is ranked the 3rd  largest language services provider globally by Common Sense Advisory
  • We have over 5,000 written translators and over 30,000 telephone interpreters worldwide
  • We are ISO27001 and ISO9001 certified to ensure quality and information security standards
  • Translations are completed by experienced and specifically selected translators, with knowledge in the relevant field.
  • Available 24/7, 365 days a year, supporting over 200 languages with a quick, easy and professional service

Our services

Telephone Interpreting

No matter where you are in the world, using any phone, we can connect you to a professional interpreter in under a minute!

Should you have a passenger who has fallen ill, an unfortunate road traffic accident or stopped by foreign law enforcement ...we can help!

Document Translation

Professional linguists translate documents to and from English into any other languages that may be required. If you wish to query a written fine in an foreign language, aid with written communications to your drivers or assistance with translating written overseas travel law ...we can help!

Exclusive offers and discounted rates for CPT members

  • Free registration for  telephone interpretation
  • Preferential Rates
  • Exclusive Repetition discounts for document translation

“The support provided by LanguageLine Solutions for telephone interpretation has been fantastic! When needed, the service has been easy to access, simple to use and highly efficient.”

                                                                      Chris Owens, Alpine Travel

Gareth Fernandes

Business Development Manager


Tel: +44 207 715 2844

Mob: +44 750 088 9391

[email protected]

25th Floor, 40 Bank Street, London E14 5NR